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Feedback from Our Satisfied Client Video Production Service Testimonials & Customers. Listen to what some of our fans are saying:

  • Galmont Consulting testimonial[Done In 60] did a wonderful job on our creative video for our Rural Onshore testing facility. The team had some great ideas that lent some fun to the video while keeping it professional and informative. [Done In 60] stayed within the quote and did a great job. We will definitely be using them again." Watch Our Video    -Jeri S., Galmont Consulting
  • client video production service testimonials"Commerce Lexington and the Lexington Venture Club greatly appreciate the work of Done in Sixty Seconds. With the unlimited customization of DISS we were able to produce videos that were not only pr0fessional, but entertaining and clever too!" Watch Our Video    - Gina G., Commerce Lexington
  • iHigh Inc. Video Testimonial"[DISS] created game previews with top notch graphics and embedded info that you just can't find on a local level." Watch Our Video    -Rick F., iHigh Inc.
  • LFUCG Video Testimonial"Done In Sixty Seconds provides us with an important video tool to deliver information to users of a new service both in English and Spanish. It will provide a way for us to keep the city informed in an efficient and effective manner as our project continues to grow."    -Steve A., LFUCG Wireless Cloud
  • Sonic Solutions Video Testimonial"SonicSolutions was thrilled with the response received at a recent trade show where we played a new virtYOU™ video produced by DISS. The professional team did an excellent job of further customizing our video by putting together still pictures, animation and audio. Our virtYOU™ Character created a very positive response at our booth, attracting a fantastic crowd...and it WORKED! We are very happy with the video, great Job!"   -Devon T., Sonic Solutions
  • client video production service testimonials drvu"Perfect fit for our needs. Having a turnkey studio with live talent is unbelievably convenient and affordable." Watch Our Video    -Tamir E., Defense Update
  • "You guys did a great job!" Watch Our Video    - Ken L., Kaliber Data Security
  • "This is freaking amazing! I looked up "laser assisted dentistry" on Google and found my site listed in the TOP 5...nationally...over night! Love the DISStribution package!"   - Adam R., Laser Assisted Dentistry
  • "Allowing people to see and hear what we’re about instead of chancing that they’ll read the information on our site has made it much easier for us to refine our sales pitch.”   - 3rd Dimension Design
  • Thank you Done In Sixty Seconds!”   -Vicki Z. , Bestaff Arcadia
  • "DISS has provided a product we can resell to clients who use our site for promotions. The greatest advantage is that by using DISS we can not only show clients what their advertisement will look like, but we can also advertise for our site at the same time!" Watch Live Actor Videos    -
  • Being able to have a video professionally produced in Spanish at this price is amazing. Beautiful talent & presentation.” Watch Our Video     -Sheila C., COS

We also have created custom online marketing for non-profit organizations. Client video production service testimonials below:

  • "The promotional video has made a significant difference to us because our website became personal. The information was heard, not just read! This approach helps clients feel connected to the Agency and more comfortable in making that first call for an appointment. I strongly recommend joining this revolutionary marketing method."     - Jeri A,  Family Counseling Service
  • "We were very pleased with service as well as the production quality of our DISS video. The process of planning the video online was very simple and the website user friendly. The video has definitely helped us to promote our event."     - Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center

Done in Sixty Seconds has produced custom marketing videos for:

  • Service providers
  • Self-Employed,
  • Web designers,
  • Bed & Breakfast,
  • Law firms,
  • Private Clubs,
  • Nonprofits,
  • Churches,
  • Home business,
  • Family Entertainment Centers,
  • Restaurants/bars/clubs,
  • Marketing Firms,
  • Retail stores,
  • Healthcare,
  • Automobile Dealerships,
  • Government
  • Real Estate

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