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Delisa has VIDEO SCRIPTWRITING TIPS in this month’s Video Newsletter from Done In :60

FEBRUARY Video Newsletter


Play the video above to learn more about how to write an effective script for your online video presentation, in part one of our video newsletter series on scripting.

We've got a lot planned this year and from the results of our resolutions survey; so do you! We hope that if video production is part of your plans for 2013, that you'll please contact us so that we may help. We're pretty friendly, so even if you've got a simple question, don't hesitate to call or write.

Until we hear from you, be sure to register on the site and download our FREE video marketing white paper and stay tuned for some exciting new services including a DIY package with camera, green screen, editing, etc. We'll also be giving away some FREE videos this year. Start thinking about what YOURS will include.

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You wouldn’t produce a TV ad that would never run – Why invest in a Web video without ensuring it can be found:

The results from your video production efforts should include Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO).

Video is 53x more likely to generate first page results: Google has indexed over 1 trillion unique URLs and with over 3 billion hours of video watched each month your video can easily be lost in the noise. Over 90% of all Internet activity originates with search engines.

With results now including video clips, optimizing your Web videos is a critical step to increase ROI. A BrightRoll survey shows 64% of businesses feel video advertising is equally or more effective than TV ads. 87% of those said video was more effective than display advertising, with 70% of online visitors watching video.

VSEO strategies should be geared around two objectives:

1. Wide distribution of your videos across multiple online video platforms.

2. Optimization of your associated video files for improved visibility in the search engines.

These two primary strategies of VSEO include ensuring the wide distribution of your online video across multiple channels and properly optimizing your files to promote search engine rankings. Together, these VSEO strategies boost the viewership of your video and supply a jolt that can help deliver ROI for your Web video initiatives.

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