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That is absolutely insane! So microsoft is developing a system to capture a viewers image and recognize gender in order to autoplay related ads? Wow. Whole 'nother level. Excerpt from article: "According to the Ad Cult blog, "Engineers at Microsoft Corp. have developed a prototype advertising system that uses a small video camera and facial-recognition software to try to determine a viewer’s gender and select an appropriate ad to display. The system is intended for use with large video screens in public places, such as shopping malls. It’s one of the projects being pursued inside Microsoft’s adCenter Labs -- part of the company’s effort to come from behind in online ads and other forms of digital marketing." To be honest, I wasn't even aware that Microsoft had a group focused on digital marketing, but given the breadth of their offerings (and fear of all things Google), it's not too surprising. While I'm not thrilled with the early focus of this technology -- or its references to Minority Report, for that matter -- it does show that even the biggest of the big software companies have caught the retail media bug." Read entire article:

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