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Powerpoint To Video In 60 Seconds The Most Effective Social Media Tool of 2011

WHAT IS DONE IN 60 SECONDS? Done in Sixty Seconds (DISS) is the FIRST & ONLY internet video production service that allows you to completely design and order a custom video for just about anything. Utilizing our professional studio, talent, and a patent-pending user interface technology and our many unique features, DISS can professionally produce your video in 10 days or less from start to finish. DISS is affordable for everyone. Our patent pending AAPPOL technology allows you to design and order a customized video in no time at all. Using our interactive form, you can fully customize your videos by chosing from the following options included with every DISS video order. Why Should You Use Video? - 52% of viewers take action after watching - 30% of viewers visit the store associated with the video - 30-40% increase in interest for more information 16-20% increase in phone calls Video Marketing That Offers More....Costs Less Done In Sixty SecondsĀ® /

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