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Today we're discussing the importance of video content social media tips for your business. Online social platforms are more than just places to post videos of cats playing pianos. Now there are endless opportunities to market your company, typically with no cost involved.

It is important to pick the social media platform that best fit your business. There are many different choices available, and it may not be efficient to commit to each one. Try to pick a few that will work best for what your organization has to offer.  Here are some helpful tips on how to effectively get your foot in the door with social media:

• Follow accounts who have similar interests

• Find, follow, and help support local people, businesses, and events to build a network

• Post about relevant content

• Never promote your competitors

• Track the monthly increase of followers, and

• Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals for content to be posted

Social media will likely be around for a while, and results will not happen overnight so it is important to get started now.

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Done In Sixty Seconds or “DISS” is the online video production service that allows you to order a custom video presentation featuring live talent that can be shown anywhere for under $500.

Your DISS video includes professional talent, studio production, music, graphics, editing, encoding and hosting.

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One of the best ways to understand and learn about social media is to check out what your competition is doing with it, if anything. Not to say, what they do is right, but it never hurts to be aware. Also, take note of the best times to post your content, when your target audience is most likely going to engage.

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