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Video Production Service Guarantee

The Done In Sixty Seconds Video Production Service Guarantee

We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all technical aspects of each video production. If we mess it up, we fix it. Simple.

This includes:

Audio: quality should be optimal with no background noise, hum, hiss or other imperfections. Voices should be clear and loud.  If music is chosen it should be balanced with the vocal audio as to not drown it out but provide a desired undertone only. It should also be clear and free from imperfections.

Video: quality should be optimal with no static, blurry images or improper lighting. There should be no other imperfections in the rendered video quality such as interlacing, digital noise, clipping or distorting.

Talent: Talent will read the script EXACTLY as it is provided by client and shall not deviate. They shall deliver script in chosen speaking style and wear appropriate wardrobe style that best matches representative sample online. They will look clean, neat and professional.

Format/playback: we will provide you with your selected video format and though it is completely out of our control as to how each browser, website, device, operating system or platform will play a video we pride ourselves on the experience we have with ensuring a playback solution that is as compatible as possible.

video production service guarantee

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