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Website Video Search Engine Optimization Distribution Packages.  We'll DISStribute your DISS video to some of the hottest online video sites. No need for you to spend the hours it takes to setup each account. Be sure and provide a description of your organization or DISS video as well as some keyword tags on the "Edit script" portion of the online ordering process. This feature will help maximize your organization's exposure. Not enough traffic on your website? These sites receive millions of hits each day. This will greatly improve the chances of someone finding you on a search engine. Your video will be hosted on the Done In 60 Seconds account for each corresponding site, which will also help boost your Search Engine Optimization. Your keywords and description will be included.custom video production services

You wouldn’t produce a TV ad that would never run – Why invest in a web video without ensuring it can be found? Done In :60 Seconds (DISS) enables businesses to create professional Do-It-Yourself videos. Using the online tools available at, companies can develop economical, efficient, and effective videos for training TV, and promotion. But the results from your video production efforts should be expanded to include our new Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) packages.


 Video is 53x more likely to generate first page resultsoptimized, promotes rankings, traffic, and viewership – the necessary elements for delivering ROI on your video. Google has indexed over 1 trillion unique URLs and with over 3 billion hours of video watched each month your video can easily get lost in the noise. Over 90% of all Internet activity originates with search engines. With results now including video clips, optimizing your Web videos is a critical step to increase ROI. A BrightRoll survey shows 64% of businesses feel video advertising is equally or more effective than TV ads. 87% of those polled said video was more effective than display advertising, with70% of online users engaging video.   multi-channel video distribution



Video + Search Engines = ROI The two primary strategies of Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) include ensuring the wide distribution of your online video across distribution channels and properly optimizing your files to promote search engine rankings. Together, these VSEO strategies boost the viewership of your video and supply a jolt that can help deliver ROI for your Web video initiatives. 1. Wide distribution of your videos across multiple online video platforms. 2. Optimization of your associated video files for improved visibility in the search engines.

 VSEO – The Energy Drink for your web videos!video search engine optimization services ALL VSEO Packages Include:

  • Strategic Keyword Analysis
  • Incoming Links & Supportive Web Networking
  • Website Video optimization (includes transcript posting and tagging; custom meta-data)
  • Multi-Channel DISStribution package (YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion,  and others)
  • Video annotations tailored to target market (where applicable)
  • Hyperlink URL to home-site with contact information

CALL 888.528.1999 or visit vseo pricing

Please remember DISS has no control over 3rd party hosting sites. They may choose to add watermarks to videos, logos or include advertisements. We cannot guarantee the longevity of 3rd party sites.  Here are the current options available for your DISStribution Package:

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