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Over 40% Watch Online Videos on at Least a Weekly Basis; Over 70% at Least Monthly. Strong Video Ad Responsiveness with 80% Viewing an Ad and 52% Taking Action a. 52% - Took action after seeing video on the Internet b. 45% - Elicited a response c. 28% - Looked for more information d. 16% - Bought something (Frames of Reference: Online Video Advertising, Content and Consumer Behavior, Online Publishers Association 2007 - Are Advertisements watched? Young adults are twice as likely as users age 50 and older to say they watch or download commercial videos online; 22% of those 18-29, 13% of users ages 30-49, 7% of users age 50-64 and 8% of those ages 65 and older say they consume commercial video content online. (PEW INTERNET & AMERICAN LIFE PROJECT, 2007)

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