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How long should social media videos be? We all know goldfish have short attention spans, but did you know the human brain’s is even shorter? Thanks to the ever-evolving digital media of today’s world, our minds are constantly getting distracted by endless stimuli. If we aren’t being entertained, we move on and the first thing 77% of us do is pick up our phones.This might explain why the average popular video on Facebook is just over a minute or why Snapchat caps videos at 10 seconds. From 6 seconds on Vine to 60 seconds on Instagram, we’ve learned that if you want to reach your audience you need to make it fast. Whether informing, training or promoting, 60 seconds is your best bet at grabbing your audiences attention while still allowing enough time to share information. In fact, Sephi Shapira, CEO of MassiveImpact claims “1 minute is the magic number” and that “it's about keeping users in the feed.” You want viewers to FINISH the video. Another quick tip, make sure the first 10-20 seconds is STRONG son. The majority of viewers tune out right around the 20 second range. Congratulations if you made it through this entire video. Remember, the Internet is a crowded place. Start engaging your audience with video. Done In 60. It’s Professional, Made Easy.

Goldfish= 9 seconds; Humans= 8 seconds

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Introducing the NEW Done In 360 web portal, where you can preview 360 Image and Video samples and order videos for your business or organization. We are happy to loan you a camera, use your existing footage or images, or send our professionals out to capture the images for you. On the new site, you'll be able to browse our samples and service offerings and if you have any further questions you may contact us at 888-528.1999 Once we have your 3D 360 degree or virtual reality images we can customize and edit your video by adding voice-over talent, an on-screen host, embed videos into your 3D project, add text, graphics or music. You can order direct from when you are ready. If you want the FULL perspective. THIS IS YOUR TOOL. Let us help you TODAY! 3D 360 VIRTUAL REALITY VIDEO PRODUCTION SERVICES! Call us today and we'll send you a promo code for a discount off your order. 888.528.1999 Remember, Quality is ALWAYS guaranteed.


7 SKILLZ to pay the BILLZ in 2017 including #VIDEO! Read more @ForbesSo Why 60 seconds Mr Forbes? Here's Why!

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