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Increase Video Marketing Effectiveness with Testimonials and Expert Opinions

Social Pressure! Use stats, testimonials, opinions & event footage in your media marketing VIDEO.

Excerpts from the article:

Vox pops & testimonial videos

These types of video production basically constitute word of mouth recommendations on video. This is an extremely powerful tool, assuming that the testimonials are authentic – do not even try to fake it – you will be found out and it will be embarrassing. It is very persuasive to see people just like you telling you that they have benefited from a particular product or service, how they have specifically benefited and that you will too.

Using statistics in video production

Using statistics in your video in the right way can be extremely persuasive. You can use statistics to demonstrate what people think and feel about your product and you can demonstrate that ‘the majority’ are in favour of what you have to offer. The Alpecin advert uses one statistic about sales in Germany to convince men in the UK that they should buy their product.

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