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DECEMBER Video Newsletter


According to a Forbes Insight Study, 59% of C-level decision makers prefer video as opposed to text because video provides a more personal connection. This allows for better understanding of your product, service, team and mission. Respondents indicated that time was a key factor and video is just better at getting to the point quickly. Video also saves money by eliminating overhead costs associated with printing, binding and postage. If the average cost of color copies is .64 per page, well do the math hundreds of dollars are spent for each meeting; not to mention the green factor. Who loves trees?

How much easier is it to show rather than explain? Video not only can help build trust but it also helps differentiate your organization which creates a competitive advantage. Online video marketing is a tool your sales team will thank you for time and time again.

So are you ahead of the curve or behind the 8-ball?

Remember: The Internet is a crowded place. Start engaging your audience with video..

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Well here we are again, another year flown by. So as the eggnog flows and the waistlines grow, we'll sit back and reminisce on how our organizations faired in 2013. Did we meet our goals? Did we satisfy our customers? Did we engage new audiences? Did we improve our product or service offerings? Did we maximize efficiency? We here at Done In Sixty Seconds, sincerely hope that the answer to all of those questions, was YES! We also hope we were able to help you accomplish those goals in some form or fashion. Most importantly, we are very THANKFUL that you chose US to help you answer YES to those questions, so that we could in turn, answer YES, as well. Happy holidays to all and may you have a wonderful and prosperous 2014. We can't wait to hear from you next year!.

Kyle M. Lake, MBA CEO, Done In Sixty Seconds, LLC.

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