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Let us help you create custom videos presentations Under $500 in Under 5 Days. It’s professional Made Easy.

With Done In Sixty Seconds (DISS) there are no limits to HOW you can use your custom video including websites, at tradeshows, on tv, training, social media, DVD or digital display advertising.

We provide a Total Solution: Choose from among our variety of spokes-models, voice talent, virtual characters, graphics, music and we’ll include production, editing, encoding and hosting allowing you to create a fully customized video message.

DISS IS: Efficient- create your video in as little as 20 minutes

DISS IS: Economical- services start at $99

DISS IS: Effective- enhance your social media, increase sales & maximize ROI.

You have never experienced a more cost efficient method of online video promotion. Log on and get started today!

Please enjoy the free information below and as always, if you need help with video production or additional services just give us a call 888.528.1999. Advice is always FREE.


Adding video to your marketing mix can be a daunting and often intimidating task, but it doesn't have to be. Remember, you don't need to reinvent the wheel to create a successful video campaign. Most of what your message will include you've already created in some form or fashion; whether print brochures, power-point presentations, blog articles or web content. Creative and effective content is critical when earning your audience's attention, but always start with what you know best.

Flexibility is crucial when developing your video. Take advantage of your existing assets, images, statistics- even pre-recorded video. If the video is of good quality and is relevant, then try to incorporate it. For example, the video above is from a client who used our studio facilities and talent to narrate the content they record at events around the world. In a matter of days, they receive a full HD video that they can then add their own video to. 10,000 plus views in the first week alone is proof positive that video works.

CALL or LOG-ON to learn more: 888.528.1999.

DISS & DAT: Social Video-YouTube & Vimeo

How many social video accounts are you using to promote your organization and inform your audience? Two of the biggest players are YouTube and Vimeo. So which is right for you? Maybe both?

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