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Or do you need to hire a professional firm? Play the video above to learn what Fortune 500 companies are doing when it comes to creating QUALITY video content for their marketing.

Video is a hot topic in online marketing and is proving it with ridiculously successful results- hence everyone jumping on the bandwagon with a camera phone and a script to create the next viral sensantion. But does that work? More importantly, can it be replicated and do you have the time to generate an engaging message? All are important points to consider when embarking on the video content adventure.

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Businesses are looking to change the way they target their audiences. 87% of the companies in a recent survey are currently or will soon use content marketing to improve web lead conversions. With video marketing being the most successful type of outsourcing, companies realize that this strategy helps them reach diverse audiences in a more engaging format. Category-specific news content such as what you are watching right now, drives traffic to your website increasing both SEO and social media marketing. With this strategy in mind 49% of companies surveyed now look for service providers who can deliver high-quality content that appeals to prospects. Online video marketing is open to everyone including start ups who have used it to launch their brands. It’s ability to withstand time boundaries, unlike traditional tv advertising, leaves plenty of room for originality and exploration.

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DISS & DAT: Use Video with Blogs & Instagram

Did you know Instagram offers more than just photo sharing and that is can be a successful platform for using video to market? Are you using video in your blogs to drive traffic? Learn more about some new and innovative methods for integrating social media with your video content.

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