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VIDEO NEWSLETTER UPDATE: Advantages & Disadvantages of Do-It-Yourself Acting In Web Videos

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TO BE, OR NOT TO BE…in your video.

Isn’t that the question? Play the video above for the pros and cons of Do-it-yourself talent.…i.e. starring in your own video.

There's lots of conversation for and against DIY talent. We've included a couple of useful articles providing a bit more insight into this topic. Check out our talent tipsin this month's spotlight. Good luck!

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1.)    It’s Cheaper. Talent costs money and depending on what kind of talent you use, you could pay a premium for SAG eligible actors, agency fees, royalties, etc.

2.)    Brand Awareness. If you are the brand of your organization, i.e. you’re a doctor, realtor, attorney, contractor or sole proprietor; then facial recognition could be a big plus, especially in local markets.

3.)    Control. When you’re the star, you decide how everything looks and sounds. No worries about directing talent, or how to convey your message. And if you wrote the script, then you’ll know best how it should be delivered.

4.)    Fun. Sometimes it’s exciting to step outside our normal routine and play “Hollywood” for a moment. Just remember to keep it professional, relax, smile and be yourself. That’s the reason you’re in the video in the first place.

1.)    It’s Risky. When you represent your brand and your business, you MUST do it right. Remember those old shampoo ads, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”? This is very true with how you and your organization will be perceived. We’ve all seen some very dangerous antics from car dealers, attorneys and even doctors when it comes to DIY video. It’s hard and expensive to change a public perception once it has been molded.

2.)    Time. Though it may seem cheaper, it isn’t always. The amount of time & money it will take to rent a studio or purchase equipment and learn how to use it in order to record your video could be FAR more expensive than paying for a professional actor.

3.)    Quality. Let’s face it- professional talent WILL do a better job. While running your company may consist of wearing many hats, it’s rare that one of those is acting. Leaving this up to the pros will typically ensure a much higher quality result both technically and aesthetically.

4.)    Seriously? Many times when someone represents their organization in a video it can come across as amateur and make it seem like the organization is smaller or perhaps even less professional than it actually may be. Having a dedicated professional spokesperson represent your brand (like most Fortune 500 companies) can create a grander persona for your organization.

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