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VIDEO UPDATE! CHRIS & CLAY break it down in the stunning conclusion of B2B SCRIPT WRITING.

APRIL Video Newsletter

Video Scriptwriting 102 in April's Video Newsletter by Done In Sixty Seconds, LLC from donein60 on Vimeo.

Play the video above for PART 2 of "how to write an effective script for your online video presentation".

In the conclusion to this series learn how to Be PERSUASIVE in your scripting. Sally Hogshead developed the 7 Triggers of Fascination by using a data set of research with 75,000 participants. Here’s What she found. Use POWER to show confidence: or simply what great things has your organization accomplished? What Awards have you won, do you have any celebrity endorsements or major sponsorships? Use PASSION to show transparency. Sharing positive customer feedback or discuss community initiatives. Is your organization green? What charities do you support? USE MYSTIQUE to show complexity.

Need script ideas? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Existing brochures, presentations, case studies and white papers all provide a GREAT starting point for your script’s content. Remember, the Internet is a crowded place. Start engaging your audience with video. : .

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WATCH SAMPLE. Our :30 Second Videos (w/o Talent) include music, graphics, titles, music, digital editing & HD encoding. As with all orders, an HD formatted file download is also included as well as embed code for your webpage.

MINI DISS videos may be ordered online at anytime. Because there is no talent or scripted content involved, these videos are a great low cost, quick, entry-level option for boosting SEO and driving traffic to your site. Simply upload your logo and any images you have, choose your organizations primary color and tell us what text you'd like included. It's super easy! Video production includes music, graphics, titles, music, editing, encoding. As with all orders, an HD formatted file download is included. Mini DISS videos also include 30 days of hosting and qualify for any of our add-on features including DISStribution or VSEO packages.

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Along with careful and efficient scripting there are several other key components you should remember when designing your video conent including a gritty & honest approach when talking to your audience.

B2C presents 5 ELEMENTS of an EFFECTIVE B2B VIDEO. Read Article

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