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WATCH OUR NEW VIRTUAL CHARACTER PROMO VIDEO The newsletter theme for May is VIRTUAL CHARACTERS. We've been experimenting with this technology for a while now and working to figure out the best ways it can help our clients deliver their message via video. Play the video above to see a quick demo of the technology. All of the virtual characters you see in the video are actual people and were created from taking 1 picture on a camera phone. DISS was recently exhibiting at the Future Lab Expo in Los Angeles during the VEX Robotics World Championship. Some of the contestants had a blast being converted into 3D digital avatars of themselves, and as you can see from the video...all of them could dance! Remember- DISS IS the go-to source for efficient, economical and effective online video production. Use it for ANYTHING. Use it for EVERYTHING! So why would you use a Virtual Character 3D Avatar Video instead of a live actor video? There are lots of reasons, but let's focus on 3. First, if you want to represent your organization in the video, then travel and production costs can add up fast. With a virtual character (VC), you can appear in the video as yourself by uploading three photos and your voice-over, saving you time and money. Second, VCs are fun. They are unique and a change-up from what your audience is used to seeing. If you want to catch your audience's attention, try one of these. Third, they're flexible. Not only will VCs shorten your turn-time and save money, but you can select from multiple professional voice-actors to read your script. Want voice-over only? Simply turn off the on-screen VC by choosing voice-over only during the ordering process. CALL or LOG-ON to learn more: 888.528.1999. CLICK HERE TO TAKE OUR MONTHLY SURVEYVirtual Character 3D Avatar Videos

Whether you're using the interactive DISS online tool to produce your video, trying it yourself or hiring an outside firm to put it together, arguably the most important part of the process will be composing your content or script.

No matter how much time or money you spend on your video the most important part will be what you are trying to say. Your message should be clear, concise, and call the audience to action in a trackable way. Always put yourself in your prospective audience’s shoes. When writing content, we often go in two directions: 1) Tunnel Vision: not including enough info and assuming the audience knows as much as you do; or

2) Kitchen Sink: including way too much info and tuning out the audience due to overwhelming details.

Find a happy medium with a strong call to action and you'll achieve success.

Remember, DISS offers a very affordable copy-writing service, but YOU know your organization best. Tell us your communication priorities, and we can craft a message that puts you in the best light. Read the helpful articles below for some more helpful information on creating video content.

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“Action is the foundational key to all success.”

-Napoleon Hill

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